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Towel Warmer Rack – a magical invention to beat the chill

Towel Warmer Rack is the latest invention among designer bathroom accessories. It is of great use especially during the winters as it allows you to warm your towels and enjoy a cozy towel wrap just after the shower. You also do not have to deal with wet towels all over your bathroom. It is very simple. You have to place the wet towel on the rack for drying and it will dry within 30 minutes or so. You can also do the same for many towels and bath robes. The rack will keep the towels fresh and free from germs.

Elory - 2130 Heated Towel Warmer By Amba Towel Warmers

A warm fluffy towel is what you need after a refreshing bath on a cold morning. Apart from warming your towels, a Towel Warmer Rack also offers warmth to your bathroom. It keeps your space free from odor, mildew and prevents dampness. Depending on your requirements, you get towel racks in many sizes, colors and shapes. The illuminated on-off switch acts as a very big advantage. You can mount it on your wall or opt for a freestanding unit. You can choose from a few popular finishes like satin nickel, chrome or brass. The installation process is hassle free and should be done by an expert. Once you have it in your bathroom, it will turn into a cozy place.

Elory - E-2113 Heated Towel Warmer By Amba Towel Warmers

It can be fun and quite adventurous if you shop for a Towel Warmer Rack online. This is the most recent bathroom decor and utility element. You can find a whole range of products in the online stores, you need to choose from them, look for deals and discounts. There are many websites that offer free shipping services which is very convenient. You can also buy towel warmer accessories like aromatherapy oils, towel bars, essential oils, hooks and wall mount kits from these websites.

The investment is worth!


Towel Warmer Rack is more like a towel tree

Have you ever seen a towel tree?

If not then it is common to find in the hotels and resorts.

You feel awesome spending the nights in the hotel, taking warm and relax bath over the 4 or 5 stars hotels.  But why is it so!

Is there any reason of hating your own bathroom instead of loving it?

Probably the reason would be the discomfort and the hatred environment inside your bathroom. If it so, then why not you upgrade your bathroom.

You don’t have to buy everything new to upgrade the bathroom; just it needs a Towel Warmer Rack.

Towel Warmer Rack is the towel warmers offering more racks to keep more accessories over there. They are simple and offer more space. It more looks like a towel tree. You can hang more than one towel over there. Apart from the towel, shocks and dress too have a place in the Racks. Mostly the warmers have 3 to 4 racks silver coated to manage the towels.

The rack warmer occupies less space and is available at low price.  The rack warmers are vertical in shape and are fixed to wall.  In the market you can have different style and size of the Towel heater racks. As per your need you can have buy 2, 3 or 4 racked towel heater, but you need to spend some more penny for more number of racks.

The modern towel racks are portable and doesn’t require wiring. It gives you warm and healthy towel after a bath. To buy these types of free standing warmer with more racks, you needn’t to go anywhere. Shops like towelwarmeroutlet.com offers the online shopping in a hassle free way.

If you really want to enjoy the bath in your bathroom instead of enjoying in the hotels it is recommended to buy these towel warmers having racks.

Electric Towel Warmers-A better Way to Keep Your Towels Warm

Towel warmers have been in vogue since the 20th century. However we shall not go back to that period but delve on the types of towel warmers available today and why electric towel warmers have become so popular. Actually heated towel rails generally use two types of technology (either of the two). A towel warmer rack may be hydronic powered or electric powered. In terms of efficiency, a hydronic towel warmer rack is better because here heat is derived from the hot water that flows through the pipes. For a long time hydronic towel warmers have been the most preferred towel warmers. However installation is quite difficult because a hydronic towel warmer requires access to a boiler.


Nowadays a majority of homeowners prefer to have electric towel warmers because these are easy to install and replace. You just have to plug it into a 120 volts power outlet. Consumption of electricity is also less. In fact most electric towel warmers consume electricity that is even less than what a conventional light bulb consumes. Coming to the design factor, these warmers are available in both traditional and contemporary designs. Leading stores like Home Depot or even online shops display a wide range of towel warmers.

Modern heated towel rails  are also available in different colours and shapes. You can select colours like brass, white, chrome, silver and bronze. Regarding shapes, you can choose from shapes like spiral, basket or ladder. If you look around, you will come across models that have compartments. These can either be at the bottom or top. You can use the same to store things.

So if you are thinking of buying a towel warmer rack then go for an electric one. As explained above electric heated towel rails are more convenient than the hydronic ones. Check out and familiarize yourself with the function and design. Choose something that is very efficient and it should match the décor of your bathroom.

Towel warmers enable you to experience the comfort of drying off with a dry and warm towel after a refreshing bath. It is no longer considered as a luxurious product that costs a fortune. It is essential and also affordable. Most homeowners today have one in their bathrooms because apart from the comfort factor there are also multiple benefits that you can enjoy with electric towel warmers.

Heated Towel Rails for Luxurious Bathing Experiences

Heated Towel Rails are becoming increasingly popular these days and can be one of the features in the design of your bathroom. If you want heated and fluffy towels for wrapping yourself after a bath or shower then this is exactly what you need.It also works like a Towel Radiator; by radiation of heat it helps to keep the bathroom dry and prevents the bacteria and any unpleasant smell which usually comes from a wet towel some time after using it. As an additional effect of this heat radiance feature, you may find that your bathroom is fully heated just as you would like it, even though that is not the primary objective for having this product.
There are various types of Heated Towel Rails. The metal that is used could be soft steel or brass or could be a chrome finish. Depending upon the size of your bathroom and your design preferences you need to decide upon the product you wish to have. There are Freestanding Towel Rails which you need to place in the corner of the room, whereas if you go for the Mounted Towel Rails you need to fit it in the wall. You may also choose from the Towel Racks which have to be hung from the ceiling to the floor. There are different types available in terms of functionality; some products are electrically heated, whereas others use hot water for heating. You may also opt for Dual Fuel process which can use either of the heating systems.There should not be any safety concerns as there is no exposed material in the unit. You just need to ensure that it is correctly installed by a professional who is qualified for it. Most products come with a warranty, and in case of any dispute you just need to call up the customer care. Though you can leave your Towel Rail or Towel Warmer on for a long time without causing any damage to it, you are recommended to use the Digital and Programmable Timer System of the unit to save your money on the heating bill.Earlier, these bathroom features, because of their price tag could only be seen in good hotels or guest houses. However over the recent years these units have become available at affordable prices in the market and with more attractive and innovative designs.You can order for one of the Heated Towel Rails of your choice online. The installation of this convenient and environment friendly feature can give your guests a real talking point and provide yourself with a luxurious bathing experience at your own house.