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Towel Warmer Rack is more like a towel tree

Have you ever seen a towel tree?

If not then it is common to find in the hotels and resorts.

You feel awesome spending the nights in the hotel, taking warm and relax bath over the 4 or 5 stars hotels.  But why is it so!

Is there any reason of hating your own bathroom instead of loving it?

Probably the reason would be the discomfort and the hatred environment inside your bathroom. If it so, then why not you upgrade your bathroom.

You don’t have to buy everything new to upgrade the bathroom; just it needs a Towel Warmer Rack.

Towel Warmer Rack is the towel warmers offering more racks to keep more accessories over there. They are simple and offer more space. It more looks like a towel tree. You can hang more than one towel over there. Apart from the towel, shocks and dress too have a place in the Racks. Mostly the warmers have 3 to 4 racks silver coated to manage the towels.

The rack warmer occupies less space and is available at low price.  The rack warmers are vertical in shape and are fixed to wall.  In the market you can have different style and size of the Towel heater racks. As per your need you can have buy 2, 3 or 4 racked towel heater, but you need to spend some more penny for more number of racks.

The modern towel racks are portable and doesn’t require wiring. It gives you warm and healthy towel after a bath. To buy these types of free standing warmer with more racks, you needn’t to go anywhere. Shops like offers the online shopping in a hassle free way.

If you really want to enjoy the bath in your bathroom instead of enjoying in the hotels it is recommended to buy these towel warmers having racks.


The portable and affordable Towel Heater

The towel warmers are easy to use.

The Towel heater in other word is towel warmers. It is very easy to use in your home.

As the name suggest that the towel heater is to dry the towel inside the bathroom very quickly. If you know this earlier then indeed of stating it we should know the features that make it quite popular.

The modern towel warmers are quite portable and affordable.  The electric towel warmer is made of metals with vertical rods along with the horizontal tubes. After plugging the warmer, it dries your towel in a sort span of time.

The modern warmers are too fascinated and don’t consume more energy. Using the modern warmer saves you from paying heavy electric bills.

There are many advantages of using these tower warmers inside the bathroom, as they are economical and offer great comfort for the person using the bathroom. Using these give you warm during the winter.  Moreover, it avoids the sick and flu diseases from affecting the family.

Apart from the heaters, the fans are also used inside the bathroom.  Even they are quite small and efficient.

Most of the people prefer the towel warmers during the cold environment. Even if you are in this class then you must really look some good brands. Visiting the shops like can offer you the best-designed bathroom towel warmer in economical price.

In addition, of the size there are varieties of color available in the market like brass, silver and white. Amba Towel warmers, Myson, and Broan Nu-tone are some of the popular ones that people look for.

If you really want some nice and warm environment then buy some branded towel radiators in a hassle free way.

Wesaunard Towel Warmer: Sophisticated decorative option

Today’s functional, decorative and qualitative towel warmers  boasts wide variety colors, finishes and materials to enhance your design statement of your bathroom. These modern day towel warmers are come with a long way from its earliest incarnation as a radiator. Today’s modern bathrooms are like a retreat and the qualitative towel warmers are like a crown jewel of the bathroom designed place.

If you are thinking to purchase Wesaunard towel warmer, then you must know some of the valuable information regarding this gadget. This famous brand created a great reputation in the market which offers the highest quality of bathroom product. However, its numerous inventory and limitless variety can make it difficult for a person to select one single piece among all.

Nowadays, people mostly prefer friendlier bathroom ambiance rather than a place where you can only enjoy the shower and shave. It means they want to make their bathroom more sophisticated as like other rooms of their house. This latest style bathroom warmer will give you the feeling of luxurious and master bathroom feeling where you can also enjoy the luxurious spa. Wesaunard Towel warmers are the best demanded and reputated designer warmers which always try to make your bathroom environment more spicy and catchy.

In this brand you will get special heated towel rails, bars and racks which are highly efficient and compact. It can easily dry your towel and bathroom environment as well within less use of electricity. This system is also available in the market at a budgeted price. So why are you thinking so much go through the famous online store and easily purchase this warmer system  without having any trouble. Decorate your bathroom in an elegant way and enjoy your bath everyday in this relaxing environment.

Towel Heater: Major benefits of this luxurious heating system

After luxurious and lavish bath your body must craves for warmth. But most of the time you forced to take your moist towel and try to get yourself dried. In past few years the towel heater are known as a symbol of luxury which is highly found in five star hotels. But now the trend has been completely changed. Comfort is highly required by every person after a hectic day work schedule. That’s why these towel warmers are highly demanded amongst the customers. In the market various companies are offering this product at an affordable price.

Generally, these towel heaters are available in various forms. These are mainly operated by two main operating systems like hydronic and electrical. You can choose the electrical heating system for your bathroom because it consumes less electricity but if you go through the hydronic system then the power consumption issue does not arise at all. Normally, a towel warmer looks like a stand along with numerous heating rods. Once you keep you towel on this rod then will make it dry within a few seconds. The main purpose of the towel warmer is not only to dry the towel but also keep the bathroom environment dry, clean and refreshing. It can also dry your hand washable clothes like socks, baby clothes, jackets, caps etc.

With the help of this heater the temperature of the bathroom is also remain pleasant so when you enter into the bathroom you really enjoy there. So go through for having the latest heating system for your bathroom. If you prefer this website then you will get top most branded products here and you can also purchase the products at an inexpensive price.

3 benefits of a towel warmer you perhaps did not know

A towel warmer is usually credited with the task of keeping your clothes and towels warm and dry. But there are some other subsidiary benefits which it offers in its own silent way. Let us take a look at some of them. You may not be aware of them since they are not much discussed and are only secondary to the chief functions:

  1. Saving you time: Now, you may wonder that how can a towel warmer rack save you time! Well, let us assume that your clothes are slightly moist and you need to iron them. But if you are getting late for work, then getting them ironed would rob you off those precious 10 minutes. In case you have got a warmer installed at your bathroom, then you can place your clothes on the rack and get it dried and warm in just a few minutes.
  2. Your bathroom maintenance cost comes down: Again, you may be doubtful as to how a towel warmer can save you on your maintenance expenses. But this is a fact and you are going to figure it out once you have bought home one of these equipments. The warmer offers warmth and dryness and thus sucks extra vapor and moisture out of the air. Hence, the walls of your bathroom stay fresh and algae-free. The papering stays intact and the paint remains glowing for a longer time. Even the furniture lasts longer since the wood does not get harmed by moisture.
  3. Adds value to your house: Your home becomes richer and looks grander with the installation of a Runtal towel warmer. The warmers which are available these days are not just efficient but are also very sophisticated in looks. Thus, they revamp the personality of your bathroom and make it look strikingly appealing.

Wesaunard Towel Warmer: Facts you need to know about a bathroom towel warmer

If you are planning to buy a Wesaunard towel warmer, then you must equip yourself with some information. The brand enjoys great reputation and offers quality of the highest kind. However, its huge inventory and unlimited variety can, at times, make it difficult for a layman to select a product.

So, here are some general facts about a bathroom towel warmer:

  1. Multiple functions: Most warmers have multiple functions. Even though their chief use is to warm the towel, they automatically serve to dry up your clothes and warm your inner wear. Additionally, they also keep the bathroom dry and free from algae and fungus. Since they keep the space dry, the walls and the wooden furniture in the bathroom tend to enjoy a longer life.
  2. Types: Wesaunard towel warmer will spoil you with the choices. A warmer, in general, can be hardwired or portable. Some are run on electricity while some can be powered by batteries. Freestanding towel warmers offer mobility and can be shifted easily to another corner in the house.
  3. Outdoor use: Though, a warmer can also be used for outdoor use, one must employ due precautions while doing so. Most warmers are designed in a manner so as to suit the indoor atmosphere. If you plan to install them outside, say beside the pool, then you should take certain measures for ensuring safety. You can also intimate the seller about the intent behind your purchase and buy a likewise product.
  4. Historic use: If you thought that these warmers are modern day inventions, then you are not exactly correct. Even though the variety and sophistication is certainly a modern day boon, they have been known to exist since the early 20th century. They were known as ‘bath radiators’ during those times and were build using cast iron.

Wesaunard towel warmer- a thing of beauty is a joy forever!

If you live in a place where winters are very harsh or if you are thekind who feels very cold, then investing in a towel warmer is a must. Showers and baths in cold weather can get pretty uncomfortable but towel warmers help beat the cold. The bathroom towel warmer is a unit designed to keep your towels warm, dry and moisture free. This can be either wall mounted or floor mounted. The wall mounted ones are normally like heated rails which are either fixed to the walls or swing out from them. The floor mounted ones too can either be fixed or freestanding which means that they can be shifted from one place to the other without a problem.

Although with the growing popularity of towel warmers, there has been a proliferation of brands also, nevertheless, the Wesaunard towel warmer is a name to be reckoned with and is a great bargain considering its many advantages.  The main advantage in investing in a Wesaunard towel warmer is that along with dry towels, you also get a temperature controlled bathroom. This means that not only do you get to wallow in the comfort of a warm, dry towel the minute you step out of the shower but you can also enjoy the luxury of taking a shower in a warm bathroom.

Offering an extensive choice to consumers, towel warmers from Wesaunard are custom-crafted to perfection and are to be found in the most prestigious of hotels and homes. The forged brass embellishments and components and hand-milled flanges of a Wesaunard towel warmer are a thing of beauty and each piece is stringently inspected before being allowed in the market. With a Wesaunard towel warmer, the otherwise difficult to heat bathroom gets warm and you enjoy the double bonanza of dry, warm towels and bathroom.

Freestanding Towel Warmers are ideal for small spaces or for frequent portablity

The towel warmer has become a ubiquitous feature in most bathrooms and come in many sizes, styles and designs. Perhaps, the most popular of the styles would be the freestanding style as it occupies very little space. Freestanding towel warmers come in unique styles and patterns and include the three-bar towel warmer rack, S-style rack, warm rails as well as portable rails.

Available in many sizes, some models of the freestanding towel warmers come with drying racks and horizontal rails with a warmer. Some may also have a detachable non-heated rack which can be removed as and when necessary. This rack can be used for additional storage. Since the feet are of plastic, the floor does not suffer any scratches or other damages and they also consume less power. Priced very reasonably these towel warmers are environmental friendly and dry out the towels thoroughly.

Many freestanding towel warmers can be wall mounted and they look like towel racks where several towels can be hung.  The bars of the warmers can be heated by applying two different methods; the electric or the hydroid and both are energy efficient and function well. Some kinds of freestanding towel warmers do not require any kind of wiring and are portable. This feature makes them very attractive in households where the need to use the warmers in different rooms is quite constant. The warmers are designed in such a way that they can be left operational for twenty four hours without any cause for concern for safety. The heating power is enough for plenty of towels to be dried and kept warm. For best results in warming the towels they should be folded in half and hung.

Since freestanding towel warmers occupy less space, they are very useful additions in bathrooms where space is a crunch.

Buy a wesaunard towel warmer for the ultimate experience

Investing in a wesaunard towel warmer is a great idea. A towel warmer is something that can be fit into your bathroom and can be used to heat towels and other such things according to your comfort. If you live in an extremely cold place where winter fells longer than the whole year, then chances are that you hate the idea of showering early in the morning before work. The few minutes it takes to put on your clothes in the cold right after a hot shower can be excruciatingly painful. A towel warmer is the medicine for that pain. By installing a towel warmer in your bathroom, you can step into a warm towel after your shower instead of shivering in a freezing towel. Stepping into a warm, dry towel helps to combat the sudden temperature drop with regards to a hot shower and a freezing towel to dry yourself with.

A wesaunard towel warmer can also be used to heat or dry light pieces of clothes. You can hang light pieces of clothing to dry on the towel warmer, in case you don’t have the time to hang them outside in the fresh air. The result is as good and sometimes even better, if the weather outside is really bad. Alternately, you can use the towel warmer to heat up your clothes along with your towel just before you use them. Nothing beats drying yourself with a warm towel and then stepping into warm clothes on a cold Sunday morning. Moreover, the towel warmer along with heating your towels, also heats the bathroom. A few models come with temperature control so that you can control the temperature of your bathroom as well.

Buy a wesaunard towel warmer after you have measured the area available in your bathroom. There is no point in buying something that wont fit. Try a few companies like runtal towel warmers and warmrails towel warmers in order to get the best deal for your bathroom.

What Is A Towel Warmer?

Towel warmers are becoming increasingly common so it is quite possible that you must have heard of them. However, if you haven’t then take some time out to go through the provided information on these electric gadgets which are rapidly becoming indispensable for most home owners.

Towel warmers are very similar to towel racks in appearance. There is usually single or multiple bars in the towel warmer fixture that allows hanging of one or multiple towels. The difference between these gadgets and common towel rack is the fact that the former have a heating system coiled into them which heats the towels or other fabrics which are hung on them.

The main purpose of these towel warmers is what is obvious – to heat the towels so that they are nicely warm and ready when one steps out of the shower. As such, bath robes, towel gowns and small face towels can also be hanged on them to provide a welcoming effect to the user.

The towel warmers were more commonly used in luxury hotels and restaurants but now because of their improved utility, wide variety and hence increased affordability the towel warmers are bought to cater for multiple uses around the house. For example, some electric towel warmers are manufactured in the form of independently standing units and can therefore be placed at any spot around the house where there is an electrical socket.

You can place the electric towel warmers in the kitchen, dining room, near the entrance (to dry off and warm up mittens and coats) and bedroom etc. hence an electric towel warmer can be placed at any convenient area.

The heated towel rails, on the other hand, need to be installed at a fixed spot and are usually connected with the water heating system. You will require an expert to do that. When searching for towel warmer, Jeeves Towel warmer, Warmrails towel warmer, Wesaunard towel warmer, Amba towel warmers and Myson towel warmers are some of the prominent names that you will come across.