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4 things you may not know about electric towel warmers

Electric towel warmers are primarily devices or machines which heat your towel. The chief purpose behind their intention was to lend the public with a tool with which to comfortably dry their body after a cold bath. However, they have come to serve many other purposes and directly or indirectly contribute to the well-being of the users and their homes.

Wesaunard Towel Warmer and warmers from all other brands offer some common benefits which are either lesser known or not well-marketed.

So, without further adieu, here are the So, without further adieu, here are the 4 things you may not know about a towel warmer:

i. They extend the life of your bathroom’s walls: Did you know that towel warmers extend the life of your bathroom’s walls? They truly do so, by simply curtailing the volume of moisture which circulates inside the bathroom. Their features are designed to heat and dry. So, apart from drying the towels, they also dry the air circulating within. This leads to prevention of dampness and elongates the life of the walls.

ii. They prevent rusting: By absorbing excess moisture from the air, they prevent rusting. In case, you have placed any iron furniture or item in your bathroom, then it is likely to gather rust in a few months, unless you have made arrangements for proper ventilation. Wesaunard Towel Warmer can help you to take care of this problem as it impedes the natural process of chemical rusting by drawing in the extra amount of wetness.


iii. They keep the woods fresh: Any wooden gate, window or furniture present in your bathroom always stands the risk of turning sodden or getting depreciated fast. Towel warmers, by sucking extra moisture, prevent such calamities and breathe longevity to them.

iv. Increasing resale value: A towel warmer can increase the sale value of your house. Its presence lifts the artificial décor of the bathroom, thus bringing in an extra dose of richness and opulence.