Freestanding Towel Warmers are ideal for small spaces or for frequent portablity

The towel warmer has become a ubiquitous feature in most bathrooms and come in many sizes, styles and designs. Perhaps, the most popular of the styles would be the freestanding style as it occupies very little space. Freestanding towel warmers come in unique styles and patterns and include the three-bar towel warmer rack, S-style rack, warm rails as well as portable rails.

Available in many sizes, some models of the freestanding towel warmers come with drying racks and horizontal rails with a warmer. Some may also have a detachable non-heated rack which can be removed as and when necessary. This rack can be used for additional storage. Since the feet are of plastic, the floor does not suffer any scratches or other damages and they also consume less power. Priced very reasonably these towel warmers are environmental friendly and dry out the towels thoroughly.

Many freestanding towel warmers can be wall mounted and they look like towel racks where several towels can be hung.  The bars of the warmers can be heated by applying two different methods; the electric or the hydroid and both are energy efficient and function well. Some kinds of freestanding towel warmers do not require any kind of wiring and are portable. This feature makes them very attractive in households where the need to use the warmers in different rooms is quite constant. The warmers are designed in such a way that they can be left operational for twenty four hours without any cause for concern for safety. The heating power is enough for plenty of towels to be dried and kept warm. For best results in warming the towels they should be folded in half and hung.

Since freestanding towel warmers occupy less space, they are very useful additions in bathrooms where space is a crunch.

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