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What Is A Towel Warmer?

Towel warmers are becoming increasingly common so it is quite possible that you must have heard of them. However, if you haven’t then take some time out to go through the provided information on these electric gadgets which are rapidly becoming indispensable for most home owners.

Towel warmers are very similar to towel racks in appearance. There is usually single or multiple bars in the towel warmer fixture that allows hanging of one or multiple towels. The difference between these gadgets and common towel rack is the fact that the former have a heating system coiled into them which heats the towels or other fabrics which are hung on them.

The main purpose of these towel warmers is what is obvious – to heat the towels so that they are nicely warm and ready when one steps out of the shower. As such, bath robes, towel gowns and small face towels can also be hanged on them to provide a welcoming effect to the user.

The towel warmers were more commonly used in luxury hotels and restaurants but now because of their improved utility, wide variety and hence increased affordability the towel warmers are bought to cater for multiple uses around the house. For example, some electric towel warmers are manufactured in the form of independently standing units and can therefore be placed at any spot around the house where there is an electrical socket.

You can place the electric towel warmers in the kitchen, dining room, near the entrance (to dry off and warm up mittens and coats) and bedroom etc. hence an electric towel warmer can be placed at any convenient area.

The heated towel rails, on the other hand, need to be installed at a fixed spot and are usually connected with the water heating system. You will require an expert to do that. When searching for towel warmer, Jeeves Towel warmer, Warmrails towel warmer, Wesaunard towel warmer, Amba towel warmers and Myson towel warmers are some of the prominent names that you will come across.


How to find the best electric towel warmers

Electric Towel warmer has proven to be quite a valuablecreation. By simply plugging in the towel warmers to an electric socket, the simple towel rails transform into heated towel rails. These heated towel rails have the capability of warming towels and other fabrics that are hung on them.

Electric towel warmers are now easily available from different brands. Some of the famous brands that you are going to come across when searching for towel warmer are Myson Towel warmers, Amba Towel warmers, Warmrails Towel Warmer, Wesaunard Towel Warmer and Jeeves Towel Warmer. Within this variety of brands, you are going to find a wide assortment of towel warmers; some that can be installed on the wall and others that can be used as a separate standalone unit.

Depending upon the utility and how and where you want to use it, you can buy a towel warmer or heated towel rails of the appropriate kind. But where would you start the search for towel warmers? The best place to start the search would be over the internet.

There are numerous quality brands which now sell their own different types of towel warmers and heated towel rails through online shops or websites. Therefore it is now much more convenient to shop for towel warmer. You can either visit the online shops separately or go to a website that features all types of towel warmers and heated towel rails from all the leading brands. You may also be able to locate some irresistible deals when shopping for them online.